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Type of art Medium Technique Object type Style Theme Surface Color

Painting 95

2-d 60

Illustration 38

Mixed media 36

Ceramic 32

Printmaking 32

Drawing 28

3-d 21

Collage/assemblage 20

Photography 19

Ink 48

Acrylic 39

Porcelain 20

Film 19

Acrylic paint 16

Mixed media 16

Gouache 14

Oil 12

Spray paint 11

Ceramic 10

Painting 30

Action painting 19

Graffiti 16

Monotype 16

Slip-cast 16

Gesture 15

Etching 14

Monochromatic 12

Hatching 9

Oxidation fired 8

2-d 136

For the wall 37

3-d 29

Sculpture 15

Functional 14

For the table 11

Serving dish 3

Dinnerware 2

For the floor 2

Graphic 2

Abstract 71

Modern 42

Folk 34

Surreal 33

Expressionist 29

Pop art 27

Urban 24

Kitsch 22

Surrealism 21

Primitive 19

People 52

Figure 43

Environment 34

Landscape 33

Animals 28

Humor 27

Portrait 25

Pop culture 24

Surreal 24

Urban 24

Paper 89

Canvas 31

Glaze 19

Wood panel 12

Semi-gloss 11

Bare clay 8

Semi-matte 7

Glass 4

Decal 3

Clean 2

Multicolored 75

Black and white 57

Blue 48

White 36

Grey 32

Red 30

Black 26

Green 25

Yellow 25

Brown 21

Frequently Asked Questions



What type of items do you exhibit?

Dizbe features contemporary work in art, craft, and design. Each artist is evaluated to uphold a high standard of quality for the artwork represented.

How are items chosen for Dizbe?

Each seller is screened before they are allowed to sell in the Creative Marketplace. A panel of selling artist members evaluates each applicant for for experience, quality, and thoughtfulness. This process determines whether or not they will be invited to display and sell work on Dizbe.

How does the rewards program work?

Step 1) Invite your friends to join Dizbe using the 'invite tab' on the homepage.

Step 2) -When your friends BUY work you get 10% of the sale credited to your Dizbe account.
-When your friends SELL work, you get 4% of the sale credited to your Dizbe account.

Step 3) Use your earnings to buy art. Artists can use their earnings to cover commission on sold work.

Step 4) Invite more friends cause this deal rocks!

What percent of my purchase goes to the artist.

The artist ALWAYS receives at least 65% of the total price of the item goes to the artist. Based on the amount of rewards credits the artist applies they often receive more than 65%.

What is the “Dizbe Artist Grant”?

One of the goals of Dizbe is to help advance the careers of our member artists. To show our support we have created a grant fund that collects a portion of each sale made on Dizbe.com. Each member artist has the opportunity to apply for the grant which is awarded annually to fund progressive creative projects in creative disciplines.

How do I search for creative projects on Dizbe?

There are 4 main ways to search the items Dizbe. First, you may search through our rotating features on the home page. These are popular, new, or handpicked pieces we think you will like. Secondly, you can use the “Discover Art” search tool in the main navigation bar. This is a visual searching tool that allows you to refine your search based on your preferences. Third, You can search by keyword in the main navigation bar. Finally, we encourage you to follow Dizbe on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest features, items and creative news!

Once I purchase an item, how long will it take to arrive?

Each artwork is shipped directly from the artist so arrival time can vary. Typically, art will ship within 72 hours of your purchase and will arrive 5-10 days later. We work closely with our artists to ensure items ship as safely and as quickly as possible.

May I return an item if it does not meet my expectations?

Yes you may. You have 7 days from the date of delivery arrival to return the item if it does not meet your expectations. Dizbe will cover all shipping costs up to $100. The item must be returned in the packaging that it arrived. We currently do not offer returns on custom ordered pieces.

How do I return a piece of artwork?

If you wish to return a piece of art simply contact Dizbe at support@dizbe.com and we will send you a prepaid UPS shipping label. Ship the package within 7 days of receiving it and you will be refunded 100% and we will cover the return shipping cost. Art that is returned damaged will not be refunded.

What should I do if I receive a damaged item?

If you receive a damaged piece of art save all of the packaging and contact Dizbe within 24 hours of receiving the package. We will then file an insurance claim with UPS.

Do you ship internationally?

Shipping policies are defined by the individual selling artists. To inquire about international shipping please use the 'contact artist' feature on their profile or item page. All prices on Dizbe are set for U.S. shipping so the price of the item will need to be adjusted to accommodate International shipping costs.

How is the cost of shipping calculated?

The cost of shipping within the contiguous 48 United States is included in the price of all works for sale. Artists are given the tools to calculate the cost of shipping. All items are insured and many items are professionally packaged by UPS to guarantee your item arrives safe and sound.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All Dizbe artists accept PayPal, which supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

May I contact the artists represented on Dizbe?

Dizbe encourages you to speak with artists personally, to leave comments, and to ask questions. Simply use the messaging tool located on the artist’s profile.

How does Dizbe price the artwork?

The selling artists price all of their own artwork on Dizbe. The price of the work includes: shipping (inside the 48 states), shipping insurance, and tax. The price you see is the price you pay.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

More!? :) Please send questions to support@dizbe.com. We look forward to your queries.


How do I apply to exhibit my artwork on Dizbe?

To apply you must first register for Dizbe by "requesting membership" or by signing in with Facebook! Then, check out the “Apply to Sell” button under your account info at the top right of the page. This will guide you through the process of applying to sell your work.

What does the application entail?

The application requires you to build your artist profile just as you see others on Dizbe. This includes: a profile photo, a minimum of 3 works for sale, your artist statement, and resume. This application is then evaluated by a panel of 7 member artists. The majority votes yes/no decides whether or not you will be invited to show your work on Dizbe. This process Dizbe's idea of a more democratic way to curate an art gallery.

What Does “Juried” mean?

“Juried” is a term used to explain the evaluation process that determines the quality of the applications being submitted to Dizbe.

What is art?

A deer. A female deer.

Ray: A drop of golden sun.

Is there a fee to apply to sell on Dizbe?

There is no fee to apply to sell on Dizbe. The only fee is commission on sold artwork.

What kind of artwork do you show?

Dizbe features contemporary work in art, craft, and design. All work must be sold directly by the maker and it must be up to the standard of quality of the other work represented in the creative marketplace.

How will you market my art?

As a member artist you will gain exposure in a number of ways. First, we will personally promote your art on various social media platforms. We have also provided the tools to encourage Dizbe users to share your art images on the leading social networks. As a member artist you can be chosen as a featured artist, which includes email publicity. Whenever you post new work for sale your work will appear on the homepage in the “New Art” section. At a fundamental level the Dizbe rewards program builds a strong following of users, which translates to exposure of your personal artwork. We like to think of our relationship with Dizbe artists as a partnership: You tell your friends about us and we’ll tell our friends about you. Its a beautiful thing.

What is your commission structure?

Dizbe charges 35% commission on each sale. By inviting friends to join Dizbe members have the opportunity to collect rewards credits, which can be used to cover commission. If you are a good referrer you could potentially cover all of your commission. In other words... free.

How does shipping work?

After an order is placed Dizbe will bill the artist for the owed commission. Upon receipt we will disclose the customers shipping information. Artists are then responsible for tracking, shipping, and insurance costs which should be included in the total price of the artwork for sale. Items must be shipped no more than 3 days following the purchase notification. We ask that the artists email us the tracking information of the send artwork. We encourage all artists to use UPS professional packaging services to ensure the safety of each item in transit.

What is the Dizbe Artist Grant?

One of the goals of Dizbe is to help advance the careers of our member artists. To show our support we have created a grant fund that collects a portion of every sale made on Dizbe.com. Each member artist has the opportunity to apply for the grant, which is awarded to fund progressive creative projects in the arts, design, or craft discipline.

If I exhibit my work on Dizbe, may I seek other gallery representation?

Dizbe retains the exclusive selling right to the artwork displayed on the website. This is to prevent an art piece being sold in two places at the same time. You can most definitely seek other gallery representation.

How do I know when my artwork is sold? What do I do once it is sold?

When a work of art sells, you receive the ful payment directly to your PayPal account. Then you will be notified via email or phone call. Dizbe then bills you for your owed commission. The seller must ship the work within 3 days of sale notification.

When and how do I get paid for sold artwork?

Each transaction on Dizbe goes directly into the selling artist's PayPal account. Dizbe then bills the artist for the owed commission.

Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold?

You do. Always.

Can artists living outside of the United States sell art on Dizbe?

We currently only accept artists based in the contiguous 48 United States. We are very excited about the idea of a global art community and are working hard to make selling available internationally.

What is Dizbe’s return policy?

We offer a 7-day 100% money back return policy. AND Dizbe covers return shipping fees up to $100.

What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?

Each artist is responsible for insuring the artwork at full value when it is shipped. Dizbe encourages all artists to have the work professionally packaged by UPS. If the work is damaged in this case, UPS will file a claim on your behalf.

Does Dizbe sell framed artwork?

Unless the artist indicates otherwise, the art purchased on Dizbe comes unframed. We encourage artists to recommend to the buyers the best method of display for their artwork.

How do I open a PayPal account?

It is necessary for artists to have a Personal Premier PayPal account in order to accept credit card payments on Dizbe. Having the standard personal account will NOT allow an artist to accept card payments. You can register with paypal or upgrade your current account here:


note: you will not be able to activate your items until you have identified your email address associated with your PaPal account.

What is the best way to photograph my artwork?

In general, it is best to photograph art outside or near a window on an overcast day. Avoid direct light. Pixlr.com is a great free program to edit your photographs. If possible, it is a good idea to crop your photos into a square to fit the Dizbe image boxes. Here is a great video on photographing art... http://vimeo.com/20503333

Who can I contact with additional Questions?

More!? :) Please send questions to contact@dizbe.com. We look forward to your queries.