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Type of art Medium Technique Object type Style Theme Surface Color

Painting 95

2-d 60

Illustration 38

Mixed media 36

Ceramic 32

Printmaking 32

Drawing 28

3-d 21

Collage/assemblage 20

Photography 19

Ink 48

Acrylic 39

Porcelain 20

Film 19

Acrylic paint 16

Mixed media 16

Gouache 14

Oil 12

Spray paint 11

Ceramic 10

Painting 30

Action painting 19

Graffiti 16

Monotype 16

Slip-cast 16

Gesture 15

Etching 14

Monochromatic 12

Hatching 9

Oxidation fired 8

2-d 136

For the wall 37

3-d 29

Sculpture 15

Functional 14

For the table 11

Serving dish 3

Dinnerware 2

For the floor 2

Graphic 2

Abstract 71

Modern 42

Folk 34

Surreal 33

Expressionist 29

Pop art 27

Urban 24

Kitsch 22

Surrealism 21

Primitive 19

People 52

Figure 43

Environment 34

Landscape 33

Animals 28

Humor 27

Portrait 25

Pop culture 24

Surreal 24

Urban 24

Paper 89

Canvas 31

Glaze 19

Wood panel 12

Semi-gloss 11

Bare clay 8

Semi-matte 7

Glass 4

Decal 3

Clean 2

Multicolored 75

Black and white 57

Blue 48

White 36

Grey 32

Red 30

Black 26

Green 25

Yellow 25

Brown 21

Nick Comstock

Watsontown, PA


• Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2011
Alfred University, School of Art and Design, Alfred, New York
Overall GPA : 3.5/4.0
• Warrior Run High School, 2007

Non- Academic
• Pennsylvania Governor School for the Arts, Jared Ward, Erie, PA, 2006
• Functional Ceramics Workshop, Doug Dacey, Ann Tubbs, and Jim Connell, Wooster, OH, 2006
• Peters Valley Craft Center, Kevin Crowe, Layton, NJ, 2009
• NCECA Philadelphia, PA, 2010
• Artstream Workshop, Alleghany Meadows, Andy Brayman, Ayumi Horie, Alfred, NY, 2010
• Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Christa Assad, Deer Isle, ME, 2010
• Jeff Campana Workshop, Wellsville, NY, 2011
• Future Retrieval Workshop, Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis, Alfred, NY, 2011
• ACC Workshop, Doug Casebeer and John Gill, Alfred, NY, 2011

Recent exhibitions

• NYC Alfred Alumi Show, Functional Ceramics, New York, NY, June 2011
• SUNY Albany Show, Printmaking, group, Albany, NY, December 2010
• Art on the Farm, Functional Ceramics, group, Milton, PA, August 2010
• Rittenhouse Fine Arts, Printmaking, group, Philadelphia, PA, June 2010
• Hotdog Day, Functional Ceramics, group, Alfred, NY, April 2010
• Art of the Farm, Functional Ceramics, group, Milton, PA, September 2008
• Art in the park, Functional ceramics, one person, Milton, PA, June 2006

Awards and honors

• Val Cushing Award, Alfred University, 2011
• Kiki Smith Award, Haystack Mountain School of Craft Scholarship, Christa Assad, Deer Isle, ME, 2010
• Peters Valley Craft Center Scholarship, Kevin Crowe, Layton, NJ, 2009

Humans interact with objects in conventional and universal ways. We are familiar with frequently used objects; however, we become complacent in our understanding of them. While utilizing functional objects as subject matter in my studio practice, basic elements of use and perception are investigated within the familiar object. Keeping the potential for use in tact, I move these objects towards the unfamiliar. Illusion, color, and image interrupt the immediacy of space and form of the familiar. While slowing down the immediate understanding of the familiar, visual and functional interaction of the objects stimulate thought beyond the ordinary.

I find interest in the concept and experience of understanding. I investigate a specific moment when experience is at the threshold of understanding and not understanding. This moment is crucial to the development of humans and the understanding of the world around them.

My forms are derived from quintessential functional objects. Through logical reasoning and analytical processing, I find relationships that exist within a multiplicity of objects and apply those relationships to my work. While keeping my forms traditional, my imagery is on the threshold of newness. Illusions force the work into the unfamiliar. The work constantly offers questions that demand attention and contemplation of what these objects really are. The work feels so familiar, yet so indefinable.

-Nick Comstock

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