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Type of art Medium Technique Object type Style Theme Surface Color

Painting 95

2-d 60

Illustration 38

Mixed media 36

Ceramic 32

Printmaking 32

Drawing 28

3-d 21

Collage/assemblage 20

Photography 19

Ink 48

Acrylic 39

Porcelain 20

Film 19

Acrylic paint 16

Mixed media 16

Gouache 14

Oil 12

Spray paint 11

Ceramic 10

Painting 30

Action painting 19

Graffiti 16

Monotype 16

Slip-cast 16

Gesture 15

Etching 14

Monochromatic 12

Hatching 9

Oxidation fired 8

2-d 136

For the wall 37

3-d 29

Sculpture 15

Functional 14

For the table 11

Serving dish 3

Dinnerware 2

For the floor 2

Graphic 2

Abstract 71

Modern 42

Folk 34

Surreal 33

Expressionist 29

Pop art 27

Urban 24

Kitsch 22

Surrealism 21

Primitive 19

People 52

Figure 43

Environment 34

Landscape 33

Animals 28

Humor 27

Portrait 25

Pop culture 24

Surreal 24

Urban 24

Paper 89

Canvas 31

Glaze 19

Wood panel 12

Semi-gloss 11

Bare clay 8

Semi-matte 7

Glass 4

Decal 3

Clean 2

Multicolored 75

Black and white 57

Blue 48

White 36

Grey 32

Red 30

Black 26

Green 25

Yellow 25

Brown 21


This composition of form points to the strength of silhouette in form. The shapes themselves are flattened into multiple planes, The iron decal transfers that overlay the grouping are outlines of the forms themselves. They are made using modular molds and slipcasting. Multipart composition.

Kala Stein



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Item Specs

Size 20.0in x 10.0in x 6.5in (WxHxD)
Type of art Ceramic
Medium Porcelain
Technique Slip-cast
Oxidation Fired
Object type 3-D
For the Table
Style Abstract
Theme Function
Surface Glaze


Kala Stein

My interest in archetypal form stems from the notion that objects are extensions of identities and histories. The everyday or special experience can be reflected through the image and function of objects. Objects we covet, disposable objects, and objects that we negotiate daily or ritually are all viable. I reference iconic forms in attempt to suggest contemporary life or to evoke a quality of nostalgia.

Processes of making largely inform my work; slip casting is my primary method of production. I make my mold parts from wet clay, real and imperfect with traces of the hand and tool. My multi-part molds are interchangeable and rebuilt each time I cast, resulting in one-off pieces. With these fragile, variable molds I am challenging the values of mold-made pieces, authenticity, and reverence for purity.


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seller location:    Springwater, NY